Pressione peritoneale ed aderenze.

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From: Philippe R Koninckx and Anastasia Ussia <Gary_Frishman@BROWN.EDU>
Subject: Ideal intraabdominal pressure at laparoscopy to minimize adhesion

In animal models the mesothelial hypoxic effect of pure CO2 increases with duration and pressure of pneumoperitoneum as we demonstrated some 10 years ago. In the human however this type of experiment cannot be performed and thus there are no data.

Extrapolating from all other the data available today I would summarise as follows. Surgical lesions alone are only slightly adhesiogenic although essential to start the adhesion process. Some 20 times more important is the enhancing effect of the entire peritoneal cavity. The key mechanism is acute inflammation of the cavity of which pressure alone is a minor contributing factor. With full conditioning however preventing as much as possible this acute inflammation we actually in the human can reduce postperative pain while adhesions are virtually absent and this in surgery of long duration as deep endometriosis excision.

Philippe R. Koninckx*,** and Anastasia Ussia*
Gruppo Italo Belga, Leuven-Rome, Europe
EndoSAT NV, Leuven, Belgium

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